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TGW Village Grief Gatherings

We are currently developing The Grief Well Village Grief Gatherings & Facilitator Program.  This 8 session experience includes framework and guidance to increase understanding of grief based on the belief that we already have what we need to explore and experience our grief and to support each other in our learning/unlearning and inquiry.  We have found that witnessing each other in grief is one of the most supportive things we can do for one another as it helps us normalize our experiences and reminds us that we are all touched by grief and loss by simply being human.  When it comes to grief, there is no right or wrong - that's just not the way humans work.  A workbook will be offered to encourage this remembering, including space to reveal and expand what you are holding through writing prompts, art and ritual.


Facilitator training will be provided for anyone who feels called to hold gatherings in their own community.  This comprehensive training includes both video lessons and a workbook to guide facilitators on how to create safe and supportive space to offer participants to explore and share in the community.  Through coming together in these gatherings, people will be given permission and guidance to explore their relationships and experiences.

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At The Grief Well, we believe that we need more space for grief in our communities. 

Let's all pick up a shovel and come together to dig a well to sustain each other through the entire human experience.

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"We will, in truth, spend many of our hours alone with our grief. In the cover of our solitude, we encounter another layer in our apprenticeship with sorrow. Here we are asked to hold an extended vigil with loss in the well of silence, slowly ripening our sorrow into something dense and gifting to the world. Our ability to drop into this interior world and do the difficult work of metabolizing sorrow is dependent on the community that surrounds us. Even when we are alone, it is necessary to feel the tethers of concern and kindness holding us as we step off into the unknown and encounter the wild edge of sorrow.”


― Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

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